Fredo Bang from the heart

In the latest The FADER x WAV Present Frequencies doc, the Baton Rouge rapper explains how he overcame his past.

July 01, 2019

Fredo Bang's rise is a story of resilience. In 2015, multiple felony charges threatened to derail his promising rap career. After beating multiple charges, and serving over two years, the Baton Rouge native returned in 2018 with a new level of focus and determination.


In a new The FADER x WAV Present Frequencies mini-doc, filmed seven months after his release, Fredo Bang shows us the Baton Rouge environment that produced him, goes on a Popeyes run for his grandmother, and visits the gravesite of his friend and fellow rapper Gee Money, who was killed in 2017 while Fredo was still behind bars. Through it all, he emphasizes the lessons he's learned that are helping him move far beyond his past. "Before I went to jail I feel like my pride was in the way of a lot of stuff," he says. "It still is, but I done broke it a lot. I don't follow nobody else."

Watch the full mini-doc above and listen to Fredo Bang's recent Big Ape project below.

Fredo Bang from the heart