Listen to Molly Drag’s bright, delicate new bedroom-folk song

Listen to the glowing centrepiece of Montreal-based artist Molly Drag’s new record Touchstone.

July 02, 2019
Listen to Molly Drag’s bright, delicate new bedroom-folk song Emily Le

Montreal-based artist Michael Charles Hansford is preparing to release a new record as Molly Drag, the solo moniker he’s been using since 2014. Touchstone, set for release October 4th via Egghunt Records, is a seven-track album that adds a lightness and immediacy to Hansford’s usual bedroom-folk palette; today, The FADER is premiering “Out Like A Light,” Touchstone’s gorgeous, slow-moving centrepiece. Featuring backing vocals by Pottery’s Austin Boylan and accompanied by an animated video by New York artist Elijah Zimmerman, “Out Like A Light” flows naturally and subtly from its chilling starting point towards something bright, clean, and fascinating to behold.


“Touchstone feels like the beginning of a new segment for this project I started 5 years ago,” Hansford tells The FADER via email, “It’s not as gloomy as it once was. Personally I’ve noticed a lot of things around me change and how I react to my surroundings. I definitely am a lot happier than I use to be whilst recording this record. Everything seems clearer now.”

Listen to “Out Like A Light” and find Molly Drag's tour dates below; preorder Touchstone here.

Molly Drag 2019 tour dates:
October 4 — Montreal, QC
October 9 — Philadelphia, PA
October 10 — Wilmington, DE
October 11 — Baltimore, MD
October 12 — Washington, DC
October 13 — Charlottesville, VA
October 14 — Richmond, VA
October 15 — Raleigh, NC
October 16 — Asheville, NC
October 17 — Athens, GA
October 18 — Atlanta, GA
October 19 — Birmingham, AL
October 20 — Oxford, MS 
October 21 — New Orleans, LA
October 22 — Jackson, MS 
October 23 — Nashville, TN
October 24 — Louisville, KY 
October 25 — Cincinnati, OH
October 26 — Indianapolis, IN
October 27 — Chicago, IL 
October 28 — Ann Arbor, MI
October 29 — Detroit, MI
October 30 — Cleveland, OH
October 31 — Columbus, OH 
November 1 — Pittsburgh, PA 
November 2 — Brooklyn, NY 

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Listen to Molly Drag’s bright, delicate new bedroom-folk song