ANE comes to terms with her past in her “It Is What It Is” video

The New Jersey singer is stuck somewhere between letting go of the past and embracing the future.

July 09, 2019

Moving on from a relationship is easier said than done. For those dealing with the battle between sentimental emotions and reasons to move on, ANE has a song to make you feel super seen. In her new video for "It Is What It Is" the Korean-American singer confronts the conflicting situation she's caught in regarding a former fling.


"It Is What It Is" is produced by Malcolm Fong and is off her Lonely Lovers Fantasy project. You can check out a short interview with ANE via email below.

You didn't have a TV for most of your childhood nor records from your parents. How did you get put onto some of your favorite artists initially? How did your parents view your tastes in music?


I got most of my exposure to music from other kids at school. We used to make mixtapes for each other and collect different songs. Music and pop culture are impossible to avoid when you're a teeny bopper. I also do remember my dad had a few CDs. It was still fun to sift through them as a kid. Very random collection though. It'd be everything from Yanni to Enya to Mozart to the Beatles. I'll always remember his Stevie Wonder Hotter Than July album though.

You originally studied to be an opera singer. When you're writing a song how conscious are you of the technical training you received versus going with your gut feeling?

Crazy thing was I was only a year or two into my training as an opera singer. I wasn't very good at it to be honest. I rarely think about technical training at all when I write a song. I go completely with the feeling and whatever comes out when I try to improvise to the music. I start with the melody and vibe. But... because I have some knowledge of music theory, I do notice a lot of things that frustrate me in pop music today. Lack of chord progressions, bridges. There's no more sections in songs anymore. I want to make songs that break a few more boundaries in the future. Stevie Wonder is my real idol in songwriting. He could take something complex and make it sound so simple.


There are so many aspects/phases to love — puppy love, going steady, breaking up). Is it easy to isolate the feelings that come along with each when you write a song? Or do they inevitably bleed into each other?

Hmm... I think they bleed into each other. Each song has a different story and the feelings that come along with that song are unique to itself. Even if the same story is told over and over again in pop music of heartbreak and falling in love, it can be told in different ways and each song can evoke different emotions even if it's about the same scenario.

Regarding the song, how do you normally treat break ups? Are there certain things you do to help yourself get over it? How much does the video reflect that?


In regards to my personal life, each break up has been different. I usually try to get over break ups by letting myself cry it out and wallow for a while and then I boss up and focus on me and try to be the best version of myself. This particular song and video represents a feeling of acceptance and strength but also contains longing and frustration. This song/video isn't about heartbreak. It's more like..."Wish things could be different. Maybe in another life" sort of feeling.

How can you tell when to give someone another chance versus cutting them off permanently?

I am actually the worst at this. Once I let you into my life, I usually ride or die with you. But I have learned from my past mistakes that you have to put yourself first. If anyone is robbing you of your inner peace or taking away your light, it's time to cut them off. Don't let anyone steal your light!

You can catch ANE 7/22 at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn.

Photo: Aqua Stone Throne

ANE comes to terms with her past in her “It Is What It Is” video