British band Squid let loose on new song “The Cleaner”

The first track from the band’s forthcoming Town Centre EP.

July 15, 2019

Squid are a difficult beast to pin down. Just when you think the British five-piece have settled into a groove and aligned themselves to a sound, they flip the script and hit you with something new. Take new song "The Cleaner," premiering above. Long-established as a live favorite at their energetic live shows, the seven-minute epic twists and turns from post-punk to funk, never allowing itself to conform of be boring. Singing drummer Ollie Judge rides this wave with a crazed and insistent delivery, howling into the cacophony behind him.


"The Cleaner" is inspired by the band, originally from Brighton, England moving to London. It is the first song to be taken from Squid's debut EP Town Centre, due out via Speedy Wunderground on September 6.

Speaking about the track, Squid say: "'The Cleaner' is a lost acquaintance, one that we’ve spent the last year trying to get to know... tirelessly working and turning up whenever needed. We work for the money to spend our time doing other things. 'The Cleaner' imagines the divided work and play structure and thinks about breaking from it."

Check out "The Cleaner" above and see all of Squid's upcoming tour dates here.

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British band Squid let loose on new song “The Cleaner”