Gucci Mane celebrates his first ever show in Canada

International Wop!

July 15, 2019

Gucci Mane finally made good on his Canadian tour plans—even if for only a single date so far. The rapper performed his first ever show in Canada at this year’s Festival D’ete in Quebec City this week. The rapper took to Instagram to share in the excitement after performing for crowds of around 30,000 fans.


“1st time performing in Canada, thanks for the hospitality,” he wrote in the post’s caption.

Earlier this year, Guwop was granted temporary residency to cross the border for a 10-stop Canadian tour in May, a typically difficult feat for those with prior convictions and served jail time. The tour didn’t end up happening due to Gucci’s desire to provide a “bigger and better show” for his fans, but his reps shared his paperwork is still in good working order until this fall.

No word on when a full Canadian tour will be rescheduled for, or whether or not Drake’s string-pulling had anything to do with it.

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Thumbnail image via Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Atlantic Records.

Gucci Mane celebrates his first ever show in Canada