Tom Tripp’s “TAM” will make you move

Check out the first taste of the London producer’s new EP.

July 18, 2019

London-based songwriter and producer Tom Tripp's life took a surreal turn in 2017 when Mura Masa invited him out to the sandy, influencer-filled Coachella and brought him out on stage with him. Tripp was still working in a London retail store at the time and was suddenly waiting in the wings with A$AP Rocky and Charli XCX. That shop job didn't last much longer.


When he returned home he released an EP, RED, on NAO's Little Tokyo label but since then Tripp has kept quiet. Today, however, he returns with new music in the shape of "TAM", the lead single from an upcoming project titled FLAG. Punchy and soulful, "TAM" is an undeniable electronic-pop jam with a rubbery beat and Tripp's longing vocals.

Speaking via email, Tripp explained the long history leading up to the release of the song: "'TAM' is a song I've had on my hard drive for years. I was 19 when I made it and just making beats on my lunch breaks and in my bedroom. I threw the early version up on Soundcloud and that was it, but for the next 3/4 years people kept telling me to finish it. Seriously - it got annoying how much people would mention it to me. So when it came to putting together this new EP I thought that's it, I'm getting 'TAM' finished. A. K. Paul gave me some great advice over email about not being shy with my vocals, bringing them out more in the mix. So I shouted my friends Coffee and Grades and what you hear now is the result of that.

"I love the song because it's almost like the transition between my old scratchy funk sound and my new sound which is more like dark pop/RnB. It's heavily inspired by Daft Punk. The video has a similar spirit in that it's the transition between me being a bit reclusive to being seen now. It's a performance video but still a little bit elusive - I just wanted to dance in the shadows.”

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Tom Tripp’s “TAM” will make you move