PJ Morton slows things down in his new “Ready” video

The multi-talented musician pokes fun at interview tropes for the retro visuals.

July 23, 2019

It's pretty easy to tell when someone's trying too hard. With PJ Morton, he's doing just enough. The New Orleans artist and songwriter decided to take the comical route with a mini-mockumentary on himself and the creation of his new single, "Ready."


Cut with shots of him doing irrelevant workouts, the video includes witty interviews with PJ who facetiously jokes about training in Tae Kwon Do for the song, biking over 900 miles everyday, and physically starving himself to metaphorically rely on his spirituality.

The song deals with the early stages of a relationship, when the tone is set on how fast things move. He explained over email that he wanted to make the video just as entertaining: "With this video I just wanted to have a good time. It’s a feel good song you can dance to. So, I wanted the video to feel fun and light. We were inspired by some vintage workout videos."

Since working with Maroon 5 in and out of the studio, PJ has gone on to act as the music director for Solange and start his own label. He released his album Gumbo Unplugged under his label which earned him a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

"Ready" will be on his next album, PAUL, due August 9. You can pre-order it here.

PJ Morton slows things down in his new “Ready” video
PJ Morton slows things down in his new “Ready” video