WARA is breaking free in “Tha Pressure” video

The Atlanta emcee is back like he never left.

August 02, 2019

WARA (formerly Wara from the NBHD) is finally ready to re-up on the music on the regular with his second new release this year. "Tha Pressure" comes complete with a new video that features enough special effects and clever editing that it will have you internally challenging other rappers to simply do better with their visuals.


"Tha Pressure" will be featured on a new version of WARA's Bombs Away EP. Peep a short interview conducted with him via email about the new video and the radio silence he's given since his last release.

What was the original creative direction of this video? How did you go from the song to this video?

When I recorded the song originally I was in a dark space with life at the time, but I was forcing myself to stay in the studio because I figured eventually that would turn into something. My pops' recording space was like a small box type room and was always hot so that's when I got the idea to make the video feel like I'm boxed in this little world that's hard to escape almost as if it's a jail cell. If you ever been to jail for even a day you know it's pure anxiety and the feeling of pressure. Just being anxious to get out that also comes with growing up in a certain environment so we wanted the visuals to reflect that.

Have you figured out the balance now of being a father and a provider as well as a full-time rapper? How did you get to that point or how are you working on getting there?

Yes. It's crazy because I honestly started rapping maybe a year after he was born so I guess it's safe to say my career has been growing as he's been growing simultaneously. You can even see his growth literally on my early mixtape covers. The longest I've been away from him is about a month when we did this short Europe tour last summer 2018. But he's like my biggest fan and also critiques my shit which is hilarious, so it's easy to balance it at this level right now because I already have the support from my fam. Don't get me wrong though. There has been a lot of times when I had to choose staying home versus going out of town to handle music business but nothing comes before him so it's just certain sacrifices I had to make and learn from.

Photo: Tasnim Mashfu

WARA is breaking free in “Tha Pressure” video