Elizabeth’s “Parties” is a chaotic, beautiful breakup anthem

We’re premiering Elizabeth’s “Parties,” from her impending debut album The Wonderful World of Nature.

August 05, 2019

The quiet, ambient siren that heralds the beginning of Elizabeth’s debut single “Parties” feels like a warning alarm; It practically tells the listener This song could fuck you up. Chaotic, heartbroken pop in the vein of Lykke Li and Sky Ferreira, “Parties” is a forceful and resonant first single from the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter; with its central hook of “I go to parties like I don’t need anybody / But I only miss you more,” “Parties” begs to be screamed along to in the Uber home or wept along to during a Monday afternoon comedown.


Premiering today on The FADER with its accompanying video, “Parties” is a lush, neon-lit ode to drowning yourself in the excesses of partying because nothing else makes sense. Produced by John Castle (Hatchie, Cub Sport), “Parties” exists in a world that’s laconic and hazy; the drum hits thud with an appealing despondence, and Elizabeth’s vocal take feels narcotised, weighed down with the exhaustion of pretending you’re fine when you’re not. It’s an appealing first taste of Elizabeth’s debut record The Wonderful World of Nature, out November 1st via Our Golden Friend.

Of the song, Elizabeth says:

"Parties is about the lack you feel when you lose someone close to you and try to fill the void with cocktails and strangers. It's about the surprising distance you can feel from someone even though you once loved them so hard. It's a heartbreak banger designed for sad girls and those who love them.

I shot the video with Nick McKinlay, a true champion. It's fun and glamorous but it's all about isolation, the feeling of watching other people having a good time while not fully being able to participate. We played with the idea of party clichés; the dull and tense office party, a Heathers-esque garden party, a wild Hen's night and a classy cocktail party."

Elizabeth's The Wonderful World of Nature is out November 1st. Find info here.
Elizabeth’s “Parties” is a chaotic, beautiful breakup anthem