yeule’s “Pixel Affection” is a hyperreal daydream

Taken from the electronic artist’s debut album, Serotonin II.

August 13, 2019

Singapore-born electronic artist yeule's "Pixel Affection" video is all too relatable in our screen-heavy world. Looking out onto multiple screens with a dead-eyed stare, she wipes tears from her cheek with a heavily-tattooed hand. "Pixel Affection"'s hypnotic synth-pop loop and innocent vocals play over and over in her head, performed by a facsimilie on the other side of her laptop screen. The highly stylized video is constantly playing with ideas of A.I. and mundanity in equal measure, making you question where reality begins and ends.


Speaking about the song, which will feature on her debut album Serotonin II, yeule told The FADER: “'Pixel Affection' might be the crescendo of Serotonin II. It is the sad realisation that your digital self will always be virtual. The nightmare grows into a vortex with no exit. These songs are imprints of the scenarios I find myself in while walking into this place. It grows on you after a while, even when you see glimmers of light that could be a way out.

"It shifts so quickly, I thought I'd write something a little less ambiguous than my other songs. 'Pixel Affection' is like A to B where the others are from δ to 6. Maybe you've been here before too. It feels like I'm revealing too much, but I think that's good. Someone out there might be in the same dream. Are you in the same dream?”

Serotonin II is released on October 25 via Bayonet Records.

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yeule’s “Pixel Affection” is a hyperreal daydream