M. T. Hadley returns with new song “Rattle”

The follow-up to 2016’s “Janet.”

August 15, 2019

London's M. T. Hadley has, until today, had one song out in the world. And what a song "Janet" is. That falsetto-laden synth-pop jam dropped in 2016 and gained a subsequent lease of life when it was played on Frank Ocean's blondedRADIO show a year later. Since then he has worked on music with Nilüfer Yanya and Tobias Jesso Jr, plus members of A.K. Paul & Jai Paul’s Paul Institute. But now Hadley is ready to return with new music and build on that exciting potential.


"Rattle," premiering above, is a dreamy pop song with a dark heart. Written when he was just 20, the song imagines Hadley singing to a newborn baby about the troubles with the world and the misery that awaits them in the future. “You will feel nothing but heartache” he sings, “you will see nothing but mistakes, As tragedy blooms.”

Speaking to The FADER, Hadley gave an enigmatic insight into the video that accompanies the song: "The Old Pond Café in Hertfordshire, where much of the "Rattle" video was filmed, has a five star hygiene rating, and does a good cheese omelette."

"Rattle" is streaming above and is available to stream now.

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M. T. Hadley returns with new song “Rattle”