The 20 best rock songs right now

August’s list includes The 1975, Big Thief, Oso Oso, Jay Som, and more.

August 29, 2019
The 20 best rock songs right now The 1975  

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The 1975, “People”

The Placebo revival starts here.


DIIV, “Taker”

Zachary Cole Smith looks back on damage done on this heavy and beautiful song from new album Deceiver.


Amen Dunes + Westerman, “L.A.”

Though billed as a “remix,” this new version of “L.A.” is very much a duet between Damon McMahon and British singer-songwriter Will Westerman. The pair sound great together, melding into one over an atmospheric, synth-driven backdrop.



Big Thief, “Not”

It feels like Big Thief are about to release the two best albums of 2019.


Whitney, "Used To Be Lonely"

Smart money says this earnest and sweet love song ends up in a Netflix rom-com by the end of the year.


The Murder Capital, "For Everything"

Dublin-based The Murder Capital just dropped their intensely morose debut When I Have Fears. Opener “For Everything” kicks things off in rib-rattling fashion, exploding with a collision between the distorted guitars and frontman James McGovern’s nihilistic cry.


beabadoobee, “She Plays Bass”

Shamelessly nostalgic, undeniably cool.


Glass Beach, "bedroom community"

The First Glass Beach Album is a wild ride, mixing scrappy keyboard electronica with an emo heart and a sideline in jazz. “Bedroom Community” is as good a place as anywhere to start with it, in that it is fucking nuts and you’ll instantly want to hit repeat.


Oso Oso, "The View"

Strap me to Oso Oso frontman Jade Lilitri’s melodies and fire me to the moon.


Dry Cleaning, "Goodnight"

London band Dry Cleaning open their Sweet Princess EP with a song that references cats, cum, and everlasting love. The result is a deeply arch post-punk blast that dares you to take it seriously.


MT Hadley, "Rattle"

As bitter pills go, this new song from London-based songwriter MT Hadley is particularly hard to swallow — but a glorious melody helps ease his message that life is a thankless trudge in the darkness.


Snarls, “Walk In The Woods”

Columbus, Ohio’s snarls describe themselves as a “glitter emo alt-rock" group. “Walk In The Woods” leans more on the latter half of that descriptor but is more than enough to get you excited about their upcoming debut, Burst.


Phoebe Green, “Easy Peeler”

Manchester, England's Green laments her poor romantic decisions on this juicy glam stomper.


Ghost Orchard, "Guess"

bunny, is a headrush of emotion from Ghost Orchard’s Sam Hall. “Guess” is a great entry point as a synth-pop heart is twisted and pulled by something a whole lot darker.


Marika Hackman, "Hand Solo"

“Hand Solo” is both a thrilling ode to masturbation and a gimme for anyone currently making a Star Wars porn parody.


Jay Som, "If You Want It"

Melina Duterte really lets her guitar do the talking on new album Anak Ko, with many songs stretching out do accomodate richly textured jams. “If You Want It” is a personal favorite, but the whole album is a joy.


Richard Dawson, “Jogging”

“Jogging” packs a lot into its seven minute run-time. There’s Dawson’s anxiety and paranoid thoughts, issues with employment, and the wider problems of living in an area affected by racist tensions. This outpouring of issues is cut with heavy metal riffs and a sense of rising euphoria that only feels ironic in retrospect.


Lina Tullgren, "Soft Glove 1"

“Soft Glove 1” is a lovely song about being deeply tired on a level you can feel in your bones. Let Tullgren’s delicate vocal carry the weight for a little while.


Djunah, “Animal Kingdom”

Noise rock duo Donna Diane and Nick Smalkowski pummel their fists into the ground on the relentless first taste of new album, Ex Voto.


Kal Marks, “Head’s Been Ringing”

Boston’s sludge-metallers Kal Marks return in muscular form with “Head’s Been Ringing,” a song that leans into the band’s heavy tendencies while adding a newfound contrast between volume and power.

The 20 best rock songs right now