EVA’s club-ready pop track “Truthfully” dazzles

We’re premiering a new track from EVA’s upcoming EP.

September 05, 2019

The contradictory sentiment at the heart of NYC-via-Toronto musician EVA’s new single “Truthfully” is the stuff pop dreams are made of: “Truthfully and honestly, I can lie so easily,” she sings on the track’s chorus, a kind of wry and silly dancefloor declaration that’s the perfect mixture of faux-deep and real-coy. “Truthfully” is another sparkling addition to EVA’s slowly growing canon of smart-but-accessible dance pop that she’s been building over the last couple of years; more club-ready than previous 2019 single “Last Drop,” the song displays a nice deepening of EVA’s craft.


“'Truthfully' is a song about how I am duplicitous terror yet irresistibly cute,” EVA tells The FADER via email. “Truthfully” was produced by Socialchair, and comes from EVA’s upcoming EP of the same name, out Friday. Listen to “Truthfully” above.

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EVA’s club-ready pop track “Truthfully” dazzles