Amanda Tenfjord embraces life in her “Kill The Lonely” video

Watchthe Norway-based pop artist’s loving new visuals.

September 06, 2019

Half-Greek half-Norwegian pop star Amanda Tenfjord takes aim at loneliness on her infectious new single. "Kill The Lonely" may sound like an aggressive mission statement, but it is one born out of compassion. By looking up from our phones and reaching out to one another, Tenfjord reasons, feelings of isolation can be a thing of the past.


"Kill The Lonely" is a razor-sharp slice of Scandi-pop in line with Tenfjord's fellow Norwegian artist Sigrid and comes with a Ingeborg Løvlie-directed video in which a barren construction site is transformed into a commune-like environment.

Speaking about the song's video, she told The FADER: "I wrote Kill the Lonely" two years ago, which means I’ve had a lot of ideas on how I wanted to visualise it in my head. All along, I wanted to have a lot of different people and faces to show that loneliness can be something that affects everyone. I also wanted to show that when I feel lonely, a hug is something that can mean the world. We had a day of shooting on a construction site outside of Oslo. And we basically just played stiv heks (stuck in the mud) for a whole day! So warm!! And fun."

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Amanda Tenfjord embraces life in her “Kill The Lonely” video