Michael Brun sees Haiti go global in “Peze Kafe”

The bouncy electro jam also features Gardy Girault and Coralie Herard.

September 07, 2019

Producer Michael Brun continues to put Haitian culture and music at the forefront of his work, as is the case in his latest single and video "Peze Kafe" alongside Gardy Girault and Coralie Herard.


Exploring the idea that the sounds of his native Haiti are becoming a major global influence, the clip tells the story of a group of kids running a pirate radio station out of their home, with news of the station making its way to the Haitian diaspora in Morocco and inspiring another.

"In a world where basically everything we consume is digital, it felt special to go back to the concept of a physical pirate radio station being the source of the transmissions for this music video," Brun explained about the video in an email to The FADER. "The youth have the power to shape the world around them, and seeing the cooperation of Haitian, Moroccan and London youth in the video was really important to me."

Watch the video above and stream the song below.

Michael Brun sees Haiti go global in “Peze Kafe”