Float away on Erika de Casier’s “Little Bit” video

Watch the new visual from de Casier’s debut album Essentials.

September 12, 2019

Erika de Casier's debut album Essentials is one of the year's most luxurious listens, a collection of pillow-soft R&B that blends in G-Funk and bossa nova influences alongside production from DJ Sports, El Trick, and de Casier herself. Today the Danish artist shares a new video for album highlight "Little Bit."


The lovestruck video matches the laidback vibe of the song perfectly. Dream-like in its composition, the camera follows de Casier around her apartment as the early morning breeze hits right through until dusk.

Speaking to The FADER about her new video, de Casier said: "'Little Bit' was an intuitive song for me to write. It was about accepting my own fragility and finding something powerful in it. Making the video was really chill. I was just about to move out of this apartment that I was borrowing while it was being sold. Just like the song is more of a mood rather than a storyline, I wanted to create that with the video as well. It’s filmed by Lil B. Wachmann who I’ve known for years. Before we started filming we were just hanging out and talking about femininity and all its colors which I think helped create a fitting atmosphere for the video."

Check out the video now and listen to Essentials below.

Float away on Erika de Casier’s “Little Bit” video