Listen to Loyal Lobos’ ode to female friendship

“Criminals” was exec produced by pop juggernaut Teddy Geiger.

September 12, 2019
Listen to Loyal Lobos’ ode to female friendship Photo: Sydney Yatco  

Loyal Lobos, the moniker of Colombia-born, Los Angeles-based musician Andrea Silva, makes delicate indie-rock that’s perfect for the last days of summer and first days of autumn — songs to soundtrack the reflective and poignant moments. Her latest single, “Criminals,” continues in that vein; a warm, dreamy song about platonic love, it’s pensive and touching. Notably, the song was produced by close musical collaborator Evan Voytas and executive produced by Teddy Geiger, the pop songwriting juggernaut who has written and produced tracks by Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, and more. Geiger and Silva met after the latter began recording her debut album at the former’s studio; as soon as Geiger heard Silva’s songs, she offered to executive produce the sessions.


“‘Criminals’ is a love song to a friend. A platonic friendship with many undertones,” Silva tells The FADER via email. “It’s about danger, fun, love, sadness, and sisterhood. The complexities of a woman and a friendship between two. It is my song to Sam.” Listen to the track above.

Listen to Loyal Lobos’ ode to female friendship