Rahli shows off his versatility with “Same Shit”

The St. Louis rapper dives into more melodic territory with his latest release.

September 25, 2019

Rahli's voice immediately sets him apart. On songs like "Perc 30," the St. Louis rapper delivers his verses in an over-enunciated growl, bringing a chilling effect to each syllable. But Rahli is incredibly versatile and, on his latest offering, he seamlessly switches gears. "Same Shit," which premieres on The FADER today, is slow-rolling and melodic; he alternates between gruffness and sweetness as he details a dead-end relationship from an outside perspective.


“You on the outside looking in at her relationship type shit," Rahli tells The FADER over email, "She keep falling for the same lies and apologies from this dude and he really nowhere in life, BROKE. And she know this but she scared of change so she rather deal with it.”

Watch Rahli's video for "Same Shit" above.

Thumbnail image: Vuhlandes

Rahli shows off his versatility with “Same Shit”