Step into the belly of the beast with Giant Swan’s “55 Year Old Daughter” video

The U.K. electronic duo threw a midday rave in a cinema for their new visual.

September 30, 2019

Giant Swan take you directly into the eye of their storm in the video for new song "55 Year Old Daughter." The video comes on like Gaspar Noé's Climax if it was shot in Bristol, England and viewed exclusively via Instagram Stories. Late night debauchery mixes up against live music, with the viewers point of view switching between audience and the stage. The result is a disorientating and exhilarating foray into the world of the British duo, whose chaotic take on techno feels at once both primal and futuristic.


Speaking to The FADER via email, Robin Stewart said the song "speaks to our love of clattering rhythms and vocals. The track was composed by Harry and you can tell because it’s amazingly funky and has a very loud snare in it. The video takes footage from an impromptu party we threw in Bristol - it encapsulates an important element of our ethos; dance together with feelings."

Producer Keith Leaf, meanwhile, added: "We committed the cardinal sin of trying to recreate the essence of a live behemoth's show for a music video, in an old cinema in Bristol at 3pm on a Wednesday. Initially there was some conceptual guff that we were meant to do to bookend the performance, but once we'd filmed them for 50 mins (cut short as the staff room ceiling below was collapsing) we realised we didn't need anything else. One hundred wig caps wasted, but one hundred eyes, lug holes and soles lavished as always."

Giant Swan's self-titled debut album is due on November 8, via their own label, Keck. You can catch the duo at the following live dates:

Saturday October 5th - Amsterdam, NL - De School
Saturday 12th - Bochum, DE - Ritournelle
Friday 18th - Rome, IT - Cielo Terra
Saturday 19th - Genoa, CH - Electropark Exchange Festival
Saturday 26th - Bergen, NO - Ekko Festival
Saturday November 2nd - Utrecht, NL - Pandora
Friday 8th - Barcelona, ES - MIRA Festival
Saturday 9th - St Petersburg, RU - Electro Mechanica Festival
Thursday 14th - London, UK - Electrowerkz
Friday 15th - Glasgow, UK - Room 2
Saturday 16th - Manchester, UK - White Hotel
Thursday 21st - Leeds, UK - Headrow House
Friday 22nd - Newcastle, UK - Star and Shadow
Saturday 23rd - Bristol, UK - Loco Club
Friday 29th - Dublin, IE - Bar Tengu
Saturday 30th - Cork, IE - Dali & Gala
Saturday December 7th - London, UK - Alexandra Palace (supporting IDLES)

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Step into the belly of the beast with Giant Swan’s “55 Year Old Daughter” video