I can’t stop listening to Harry Teardrop’s swoon-worthy “Strawberry”

The youth know how to make good tunes!

October 03, 2019

Harry Teardrop is the project of 19-year-old Harrison Li, who used to live in Los Angeles but is now hanging out in the streets of New York. He released 1000 Backyard Pools, his debut EP, in May, a five-song collection of youthful, and exuberant guitar rock. One song, "Strawberry," the video for which The FADER is premiering today, has especially gripped my attention, specifically Li's full-release wails on its swoon-worthy hook: "I wanna kiss you, blow a bubble, make your gums pop / Tilting back your head to catch the eyedrops." It's a weird but sweet (??) request that pretty much perfectly captures the raw buzz of adolescent crushes.


That full-throttle energy extends into the Drake Li-directed visuals, which feel very early-2000s with its fish-eye band close-ups and irreverent teenage activity — there's a flash of a someone biting directly into a roll of Hubba Bubba bubble gum. To be young!

In an email, Li writes of the video: "Set in the near future on a grimy day in New York City, Harry Teardrop’s new visual for scathing guitar-anthem “Strawberry” stars a band of aberrant friends looking for cheap thrills." Watch above.

Thumbnail by: Drake Li

I can’t stop listening to Harry Teardrop’s swoon-worthy “Strawberry”