Gaidaa embraces disruption on new song “I Like Trouble”

Watch the Dutch-Sudanese singer’s lo-fi new visuals.

October 04, 2019

Soul singer Gaidaa's new song "I Like Trouble" is a Trojan Horse for disobedience. Guitar strings are delicately picked and Gaidaa sings in a delicate, if precise, manner. However, as she sings: "I like trouble, trouble likes me," the message that she's over life's bullshit is clear.


Gaidaa expanded on this idea in an email sent to The FADER: "'I Like Trouble' is an anthem for breaking out of the expectations we put on ourselves and our surroundings may have placed on us. 'Trouble' is about recognizing that in order to free ourselves from these boundaries we might have to piss some people off and ruffle some feathers. 'Trouble' is about allowing ourselves to be seen and heard, and embracing the fact that not everyone can appreciate that. It’s about us young people releasing ourselves from society’s standards and expectations of how we should live our lives. 'Trouble' is accepting and understanding that trouble is confronting, but can lead to so much growth. ‘Trouble’ is about unapologetically doing you, being young, and following your passions, whilst taking full control of creating your own path.

"The idea that young people are lost and do nothing but cause trouble is something I wanted to reclaim. Yes we’re lost, and yes we cause trouble, But what’s wrong with trouble? This song is about embracing the freedom of being young, exploring, trying new things, following your passions, and choosing your troubles. It’s like two middle fingers making a heart shape, like a fuck it all - I’m gonna do me, I’m gonna be free, but always with the intention of love and growth. If that's trouble, then I guess I like trouble."

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Gaidaa embraces disruption on new song “I Like Trouble”