Jordan Stephens shares his internal dialogue in “Shadow Love” video

“You don’t get to tell me how to feel.”

October 04, 2019

Through his #IAMWHOLE hashtag, British singer Jordan Stephens has been raising awareness of the negative effects of hyper-masculinity on men's mental health. The campaign has been a hit and even reached the British Parliament. His newest single continues with that message.


Produced by Dan Holloway, "Shadow Love" may sound like a letter addressed to another lover but it actually is a conversation he's having with himself. In an email, he explained that the video "depicts the tussle a person might experience trying to love themselves when they are with someone else. The song itself describes this battle whilst also suggesting that the darker moments of a relationship can be where the most truth is found." He continues that the black and white video directed by The Reids is intentionally done since "the actual music will always be colourful and lucid. I suppose it’s up to the individual to colour it in the way that they want.”

His P.I.G. (Pain Is Good) EP will be available 10/25.

Photo: Phoebe Cowley

Jordan Stephens shares his internal dialogue in “Shadow Love” video