Atlanta’s Grip dissects the power of influence on his new project and film, SNUBNOSE

In the Atlanta rapper’s new visual and project he touches on the issues particular to the Black community and how he factors into it all.

October 10, 2019

Thumbnail image: Mark Peaced


The bulk of what many people hear from Atlanta's musical output orbits around what the city produces in the world of trap and its derivatives. But an argument can be made that some of the most exciting music currently coming from ATL lives in the intersection of soul and hip-hop. That's where Atlanta native Grip thrives. In his music, the rapper can go from deeply introspective songs about where he fits in the world, how much better he is than his competition, and how romance fits into his life.

On his latest project, SNUBNOSE, which we're premiering today on The FADER, he stays true to those conventions of his work. The 13-track project takes a deep look at the state of the Black community and the issues particular to it. And Grip does so in soothing fashion, thanks to production by his collaborator Tu! "The project makes a direct correlation between the cyclical mechanics of a Snubnose Revolver to the cyclical nature of people in their environment," the rapper said in an email conversation. "SNUBNOSE touches on different cycles within my community from poor money management, and the lengths people are willing to go to for a temporary fix, to mental health, failed relationships, and the cultural appropriation of it all."

In addition to giving a first listen to the project, we're also premiering the project's first accompanying visual, which is directed by Mikayla Gamble. In it, a young boy sits by himself in a living room setting, completely fixated with what's happening on the TV screen. At other points, a man is being used as a life-size puppet, while Grip stares into his own reflection. "I wanted to shoot a visual, not necessarily a music video, speaking on the power of influence and how it affects you both through entertainment and your everyday situations," he said. "How easily the young mind can be shaped through influence." Watch the video above and listen to the project below.

Atlanta’s Grip dissects the power of influence on his new project and film, SNUBNOSE