Dive into Kid Nobody’s swoony “ms. stress”

Check out the electro-pop duo’s first single from their forthcoming EP.

October 24, 2019
Dive into Kid Nobody’s swoony “ms. stress” Dustin Giallanza

Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael used to be in the band Wildcat! Wildcat!, but after they took a break from each other they reunited as Kid Nobody — and how sweet such a reunion can be. Reminiscent of M83's widescreen electronic pop along with the sound established in their previous endeavor, "ms. stress" has us wondering what else Kid Nobody has up their sleeves. We'll find out soon: the song's the first taste from their forthcoming debut EP, out in 2020.


“'ms. stress' is written from the perspective of a person stuck in an abusive relationship," Carmichael told the FADER in an email. "There’s always a ‘Should I stay or should I go’ nature, but your inner dialogue gets more distorted the messier the relationship gets and the longer you're in it. Jealousy and trust issues are common causes and/or symptoms of toxic relationships, and have a history of leading to affairs or broken commitments."

Dive into Kid Nobody’s swoony “ms. stress”