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The 21 best electronic songs right now

Caribou, DJ Nigga Fox, and Panda Bear round out October’s list.

November 01, 2019
The 21 best electronic songs right now Shygirl. Photo: Theo White  

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Shygirl, "Bb"

The NUXXE-affiliated artist has turned in the anti-cuffing season rave anthem of the year. One-of-a-kind hyperkinetic energy.


TSHA, "Me You"

On the other hand, getting locked down to the sound of steel pans and house music doesn't sound so bad.



Caribou, "Home"

Dan Snaith gets his fingers dusty with some sample digging. Welcome back.


Bok Bok, "Pure Shores (OG Mix)"

Another return to music, this time from the founder of the influential club label Night Slugs. It sounds like the neon lights of a thousand brilliant underground electro clubs passing by on the highway.


ANAMAI, "Blade in the Stream"

Anna Mayberry and David Psutka (fka Egyptrixx) bridge the once-insurmountable gap between pastoral folk and dreamy synth wonderlands. Spare and memorable.


Anunaku, "Bronze Age"

Snappy, entrancing, and dynamic, you've haven't heard drums layered so well in a song this year.


Skee Mask, "RZZ"

Transcendent two-step from a reliably brilliant producer.


MoMa Ready & DJ Torture, "Untitled 1"

Digital hardcore never left.


Shanti Celeste, "Voz (Instrumental)"

A steel-colored journey through skittering and ghostly sounds, all held together by a recurring tabla hit.


Joy Orbison, "Burn" (feat. Infinite and Mansur Brown)

A golden child of post-dubstep keeps the flame alive.


Lone, "Glyphic"

Lone leans hard on his ravier inspirations for another strong track from a versatile and idiosyncratic producer.


Pelada, "A Mí Me Juzgan Por Ser Mujer"

If it were ever appropriate to slam dance to an acid/jungle track, this would be it.


Otha, "Tired and Sick"

Music you can both catwalk and perform anxiety rituals to. Actual perfection?


Vegyn, "It's Nice To Be Alive"

The Frank Ocean collaborator recalls In Colour-era Jamie xx mixed with Afrika Bambaataa on his strong new single.


Teebs, "Black Dove" (feat. Sudan Archives)

A soul dream in the beat scene.


KG & Scratchclart, "B2L"

It's hard to go wrong with a Soul II Soul sample, but Scratch DVA's latest collaboration does so much else right.


DJ Nigga Fox, "Vicio"

The Lisbon producer's transcendent talent for rhythm shines through in this joyful experimental groove.


Alan Braxe, "Words"

Braxe co-wrote "Music Sounds Better With You" with Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter in 1998, but the former Stardust member hasn't lost his inspirational touch.


Panda Bear, "playing the long game"

Noah Lennox tries his hand at misty-eyed trap, and it's sweltering.


Sui Zhen, "Another Life (Edit)"

Anything that brings me back to Good Morning-era Nite Jewel is an automatic yes. Zhen's recent album Losing, Linda is a winner.


bergsonist, "Vote Bernie !"

Do what the song title says, Americans. The rest of the world will thank you.

The 21 best electronic songs right now