Delilah Holliday swaps punk for brooding drama on “Rise of the Phoenix”

The Skinny Girl Diet member debuts her first new solo material of 2019.

November 19, 2019

As a member of London trio Skinny Girl Diet, Delilah Holliday makes spiky and intelligent tunes for the mosh pit. In her solo work, hoever, the vibe is much more mellow. Take, for example, new song "Rise of the Phoenix." The song, premiering above, is an uncanny valley Bond theme, filled with atmospheric percussion and spoken word vocals. "I know what to do.... just open your eyes," Holliday whispers at one moment, before urging the song's recipient to simply "fly away."


Speaking to The FADER via email, Holliday said: “'Rise of the Phoenix' is a song about rebirth after a dark time, I finished writing it when I was in the old town of southern Portugal. I got really inspired by the cobbled streets and the old untouched buildings. When the song was finished I spoke to the co-director Carter O’Sullivan, who was also with me on the trip. We hired a car and drove down to Lisbon. We decided to just start shooting beautiful things that caught our eyes on my iPhone. The goal was to create a serendipitous home movie, almost like found footage from the late 1950s.”

Check out the "Rise of the Phoenix" video above. Holliday's 2018 mixtape, Lady Luck. Volume 1, is available via Bandcamp.

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Delilah Holliday swaps punk for brooding drama on “Rise of the Phoenix”