Watch Hanzo and SEANTHOMMONEY in their video for “Complicated”

The Awful Records artists visit at least five different set locations in their latest release.

November 20, 2019

Hanzo and SEANTHOMMONEY, two of the brightest artists emerging from a wave of young talent in Atlanta, dropped a video for “Complicated” yesterday. The song is an airy, brooding anthem on the challenges of overthinking. Constantly in motion, the video is a frenzy of color and changing set locations. We see SEANTHOMMONEY standing on the hood of a pristine 18-wheeler throughout his verse, which begs the question: Did they rent it for the shoot? Or did they stumble into that situation? I wonder what the driver would think if they knew their vehicle was being used for this.


"We actually made 'Complicated' pretty fast," SEANTHOMMONEY told The FADER over email. "I felt like at the time both of our lives had many crazy aspects going on all at once, and 'complicated' just felt like the right word for it all.

"'Complicated' was inspired by a long on-again-off-again relationship," Hanzo added. "That feeling that you get when you love someone but it isn’t working out how you want can drive you crazy. Sean and I tried to tap into that feeling, being confused, head-in-hands, questioning where things went wrong." Watch the whole video above.

Thumbnail image by Dannah Gottlieb.

Watch Hanzo and SEANTHOMMONEY in their video for “Complicated”