Jack Harlow was the scapegoat for an American Vandal level prank

“I know who Crazy Frog is. He makes remixes in a funny voice, I think.”

November 21, 2019

Jack Harlow recently stopped by The FADER for a high school-focused episode of our Top Five series. As someone who crafts rap that could be inserted into the Project X soundtrack without anyone noticing, the 21-year old Louisville artist kicked the segment off in a way you might expect— by declaring that “Motherfuckers are insane.” His evidence for the assertion? During a high school party the rapper was on aux cord duty and was pressed by another party-goer to throw on some Crazy Frog. An unspoken rule of aux-cord DJing is that when the DJ says no to a request, that word is law. Unfortunately for Harlow, after turning down this request several times he was punched in the face.


Throughout the rest of the episode the rapper touched on other high school escapades, some of which were unbelievable: Shortly after leaving a Victorian-style mansion party, the function was allegedly shot up. The takeaway? “Look out for your brother.” Others were more mundane — Harlow and friends would use a blind and deaf man’s pool, while he watched television unaware. “Shout out to the blind, shout out to the deaf.” Watch the full video above and catch up on Harlow’s recent record Confetti, below:

Jack Harlow was the scapegoat for an American Vandal level prank