J.I.D and Timothy Goodman’s hometowns go up in smoke

The Atlanta rapper and NYC muralist literally and figuratively paint the story of their lives.

November 25, 2019

“They say if you don’t chase your dreams, they turn into nightmares,” Atlanta-born rapper J.I.D tells New York-based illustrator Timothy Goodman before taking another hit in the latest episode of Puff & Paint, sponsored by Select. The two discuss their respective dreams and paint the story of their lives — literally and figuratively — thus far. While Goodman always knew he wanted to be an artist, J.I.D was originally set on going to the NFL. During J.I.D's sophomore year of college, before he got kicked out of school, he started to rap and gained confidence after he met EARTHGANG, whose Doctur Dot told him he’d never make it to the league. Harsh, but if Dot hadn’t said it, we never would have gotten The Never Story. As for Goodman, if he wasn’t doing art, he would want to be running “a food truck [and] just like do peanut butter & jelly… just like different kinds.” Would J.I.D ever come to the truck? “Hell no.”


J.I.D’s new single “Ego Check” featuring Portland rapper Wynne is out now. For more of Timothy Goodman’s murals and art, follow him on Instagram.

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J.I.D and Timothy Goodman’s hometowns go up in smoke