Grimes drops new track “My Name Is Dark”

A new cut from Miss Anthropocene.

November 29, 2019
Grimes drops new track “My Name Is Dark” Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Grimes has released “My Name Is Dark,” a new single from her upcoming fifth record Miss Anthropocene. The follow up to “So heavy,” “Violence” and last year’s “We Appreciate Power,” “My Name Is Dark” is subtitled “Art Mix.” It is the only version of the song currently available. Earlier this month, Grimes announced that Miss Anthropocene would arrive on February 21st, 2020. Listen to “My Name Is Dark” below.


Earlier this week, Grimes made headlines when she appeared on a podcast and prophesied the impending end of human art due to the development of artificial intelligence that can create music. She received backlash from, among others, Zola Jesus, who described Grimes as “the voice of silicon fascist privilege.” Later, Holly Herndon penned an essay on AI in music, which refuted Grimes’ claims that AI could ever truly replace human performance. Read the essay here.

Grimes drops new track “My Name Is Dark”