Rebstar’s animated “Somebody Named Frank” video is a mini epic

Watch the Swedish rapper rep for his hometown in the inventive new visuals.

December 02, 2019

Rebstar's animated video for "Somebody Named Frank" tells the story of Rosengård, an unfairly chastised area of Swedish city Malmö. In the video Rebstar uses audio from a Fox News segment on his hometown to highlight the prejudice and bias that goes against those who live in the area. "Firefighters will often refuse to answer calls" claims one reporter discussing "no go zones," riots, and crime.


Shown through the eyes of children, the video tells a different side to the story than that portrayed in the right wing media. Taken from 2019 mini-album, also titled Rosengård, "Somebody Named Frank" showcases Rebstar's ability to spin a yarn while keeping the energy high at all times. The Frank character at the center of the story is a young kid who makes his way up through the streets by whatever nefarious means he can, bypassing computer games and soccer for guns and drugs. Think of it as a mini Irishman, only one you can devour in three minutes, not three hours.

Check out the video above and stream Rosengård below.

Rebstar’s animated “Somebody Named Frank” video is a mini epic