RIZ LA VIE joins Rence in his DIY “I Know” video

“You know I’m not waterproof yet you help me set fire.”

December 19, 2019

Regardless of the available big budgets from a major label like Epic, Rence is figuring out clever ways to make videos that feel authentic to his music. For an updated version of his love-torn song "I Know," he invites RIZ LA VIE to contribute two new verses as well as be a part of the video that extends the story of their broken hearts ("Pain in the mornin'/I saw that you left me/Soon to forget me").


In an email, Rence explained, “I’m always looking for alternative ways to be creative and shooting a video on a [Ring] doorbell is exactly that. What I didn’t expect was the story arc that doing so would enable for us - both of us coming back to the home of who we’re respectively singing to. RIZ and I often joke that we’re different versions of the same person and I think this video shows that. We both pulled up to the spot in similar cars with a smile, so we used white and red roses to give each of our characters a distinct profile that’s easier to follow through the quick cuts."

Rence, while currently based in Los Angeles, was born in D.C. and grew up in Seattle, and then moved to New York to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. His debut release on Epic was his EP Fall 2019.

Photo: Ben Sherrill

RIZ LA VIE joins Rence in his DIY “I Know” video