Watch Justin Bieber’s fun and food-filled video for “Yummy”

The comeback continues.

January 04, 2020

After dropping his latest single "Yummy" on Friday, Justin (R&)Beiber is already back with its quirky visuals. The pink-haired star indulges in some fine dining surrounded by a range of delicious desserts and interesting dinner guests all being entertained by a kid string quartet. The video gets into a bit of surrealism, adding an extra element of visual fun to the bright clip's bevy of dishes from lobster to jello to just a plate full of cheese puffs.


The song, produced by Kid Culture, Poo Bear, and Sasha Sirota, is Bieber's first in two years and serves as the lead single for his still-untitled follow up to Purpose.

In addition to an upcoming tour in 2020, Beiber also announced a 10-part Youtube series, Justin Bieber: Seasons, premiering on January 27.

Watch the video above.

Watch Justin Bieber’s fun and food-filled video for “Yummy”