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Easy Life aim for the A-list in their “Dead Celebrities” video

Watch the British band’s comicly surreal new visual.

January 08, 2020

British band Easy Life's vibey, laidback sound is the backdrop for an A-lister nightmare in their "Dead Celebrities" video. The group headed to Hollywood to shoot the video and immersed themselves in movie culture, running around with models of all varieties from waxwork effigies of Rocky and Grease characters to the beautiful people who occupy all-night parties at hillside mansions.


Embracing the movie maxim, Easy Life even include a (literal) cliffhanger ending involving a Paris Hilton lookalike and frontman Murray Matravers' mom. Don't worry. This is a spoiler free space.

"'Dead Celebrities' is a song about pop culture and the obscure but dangerously relevant link between death and stardom," Matravers says via email. "Set in L.A., the song comments on the ‘plastic cemeteries’ and ‘broken bones’ that the modern world can leave behind and how the gossip mag generation is shitty and profoundly flawed."


Easy Life's Junk Food mixtape is released on January 10. The band tour throughout 2020. Check their schedule out below.

24 Mar || Liquid Rooms || Edinburgh
26 Mar || Roundhouse || London
29 Mar || Flex Café || Vienna
30 Mar || Rock Café || Prague
31 Mar || Cassiopeia || Berlin
2 Apr || Bitterzoet || Amsterdam
3 Apr || Le 1999 || Paris
4 Apr || La Botanique || Brussels

Easy Life aim for the A-list in their “Dead Celebrities” video