TRP.P share the moody “Chakra Con”

Watch the video below.

January 25, 2020

Toronto-based duo TRP.P shared the visuals to their soulful single “Chakra Con” on Friday. The moody, colorful clip, directed by Toronto director Lu Asfaha, finds the duo surrounded by distractions along their quest for solitude; dodging energy-drainers, or “chakra cons,” along the way.


“When I first heard the song I immediately connected with the idea of protecting your energy from people who are a negative force in your life,” explains Asfaha. “So I used the cell phones and tablets to represent those negative forces - the exes that try to come back into your life, the people that try to take advantage of your free labor, etc. - because in this day and age technology gives people an unprecedented level of access to us that I think can be really unhealthy if you don't know how to find a balance.”

Members Phoenix and Truss linked this idea of balance back to their astrological signs. “Being a Scorpio and a Libra, we feel that balance is so important not only for a person’s character outwards but also for a person’s self-reflection inwards,” they explained in a statement about the track. “Nobody is perfect, but there is always that one person or the one thing that causes us such great discomfort. It could be that coworker who just doesn’t see how offensive their comments are, that family member who just won’t stop asking about kids, or even that friend who really only hits you up to unload their negativity.”

Watch the video above.

TRP.P share the moody “Chakra Con”