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Listen to Moon Bounce’s thudding, polyphonic “Malm”

In advance of the songwriter and producer’s second album, Skip Intro.

February 05, 2020

Skip Intro, Corey Regensburg's second album as Moon Bounce, apparently grew out of an anxiety disorder that kept him out of the spotlight for three years. The album's second single "Better Now" was about Regensburg's "aversion to pleasantries/introductions when meeting with a new therapist," and the song's fidgety, muffled electronics reflected that in an accessible if slightly uncomfortable fashion. Today, we're premiering the third song from the album. The restless vocal glitches remain, though its melody is brighter, reflecting the song's slightly breezier subject matter. "'Malm' is a meditation on my pathological need for praise after building something as pathetically simple as the Malm IKEA Dresser," Regensburg tells The FADER in an email. Listen to "Malm" at the top of the page. Skip Intro is out February 21 via Grind Select.

Listen to Moon Bounce’s thudding, polyphonic “Malm”