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I have no idea what’s going on in BTS’s “ON” music video

The video for the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 song is still fun, though.

February 27, 2020

One of the nice things about blogging BTS videos is seeing the K-pop band's superfans — the "Army" — pick everything apart, from overt symbolism to things that would appear meaningless to the untrained eye. It's safe to say that BTS's new music video "ON" will keep them occupied for some time. The video takes place in a mystical medieval setting — it opens with Jin mourning a dead dove in a battlefield, perhaps representing peace, then cuts to each individual band member in more weird tableaus. RM appears in front of an ark, for example. The music video ends with a dance number, which I understand as being fun to watch. See for yourself above. MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 dropped last week, and BTS recently appeared on James Corden's popular late-night segment Carpool Karaoke.

I have no idea what’s going on in BTS’s “ON” music video