Ginger Root is your new favorite co-worker in his “Karaoke” video

The multi-hyphenate artist brings some much needed life to an otherwise dull office space.

March 11, 2020

Desk jobs can be tough—the water cooler conversations that seem to be on an infinite loop, coworkers who are borderline lifeless, and hardly any opportunities for your passion for your hobbies to shine through. California artist Ginger Root has come up with his way out of all of that in his new video "Karaoke."


In the self-directed video, which he also edited, Ginger Root struggles to impress in the office and make friends but then it all changes when he stumbles upon a karaoke video. The video grants him some much-needed confidence and helps wins the others over. The retro feel matches the bedroom pop music laid down on the track.

The songwriter, producer, engineer, director, and editor has taken all the responsibilities into his own hands as he crafts his new album Rikki which is what he describes will be "aggressive elevator soul" music.


"Karaoke" is the first single off of Rikki, which will be released June 24. You can also catch Ginger Root on tour at the dates below.

3.6 Washington DC @ Comet Ping Pong
3.7 New York, NY @ Lola NYC
3.11 Toronto, ON @ Drake Underground
3.13 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean Downstairs
3.15 Dallas, TX @ Ruins
3.21 Atlanta, GA @ The EARL
3.22 Nashville, TN @ Drkmttr

Photo: Cameron Lew

Ginger Root is your new favorite co-worker in his “Karaoke” video