Tenci shares “Joy,” announces debut album

My Heart Is An Open Field is out on June 5.

April 28, 2020

Chicago singer-songwriter Jess Shoman has announced her debut album as Tenci. My Heart Is An Open Field is out June 5 on Keeled Scales. The project's latest singles, "Joy" and Joy 2," are streaming above with a video directed by Tasnim Boufelfel.


The two new songs follow the already released singles "Earthquake" and "Serpent." My Heart Is An Open Field was recorded in the home of singer-songwriter Spencer Radcliffe over the span of a few months."

“Joy is an emotion that’s always fleeting. You race to find it so you can fill yourself up, but just as quickly it can leave you," Shoman said in a press release. "It’s a name that I’ve given to new love, a cake that sits out too long, the breeze, desire, solitude. The moments where you lose this feeling are just as important as when you have it. There’s comfort in knowing that Joy will always be there in between the moments of self-doubt.”


"Listening to 'Joy,' I close my eyes," Boufelfel wrote in an email to The FADER. "I imagine driving towards the mountain in any direction — mountains that surround us in every direction. Joy is a hummingbird crossing the window, it's being able to share a thought with someone you trust, it's feeling safety, however fleeting. No joy can be perfect, but it can be yours. This video is very personal — like a journal entry, a time capsule, a love letter to no specific moment or memory, but to vanishing ways of life."

Watch the video for "Joy" and "Joy 2" at the top of the page, and find details of My Heart Is An Open Field below.

Tenci, My Heart Is An Open Field
Tenci shares “Joy,” announces debut album

1. Earthquake
2. Hair Sticks
3. Serpent
4. Blue Spring
5. Forgot my Horse’s Name
6. Joy
7. Joy 2
8. No Wings
9. My Heart Is An Open Field

Thumbnail photo: Ashleigh Dye

Tenci shares “Joy,” announces debut album