The 20 best electronic songs right now

April’s list features music from Lido Pimienta, Black Dresses, Ikonika, and more.

April 30, 2020
The 20 best electronic songs right now Lido Pimienta by Daniella Murillo  

The FADER has rounded up some of the standout tracks released in April from the different worlds of electronic music, organized in no particular order.

Arca, "Nonbinary

Remember when Arca changed the game with her experimental hip-hop EP Stretch 2? She's diving back into that sound with "Nonbinary" and emerging with more gorgeous and provocative pearls.

Amnesia Scanner, "AS Going"

They’ve fully embraced their pop tendencies and turned in the Diplo/Sia collab from hell. Nicely done.

Ikonika, "Your Body"

The intense themes of Ikonika's new EP provide the foundation for the wispy techno majesty of “Your Body.”

Floating Points “Bias” (Mayfield Depot mix)

What a journey this one is. Crush still crushes.

Soda Plains, No Fear

As every year before it has, 2020 has found its version of the Mortal Kombat theme.

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Lorenzo Senni, “Discipline of Enthusiasm”
A rainbow of avant-garde chiptune opens Senni’s captivating new album Scacco Matto.  
DJ Python, “Juntos”

Mas Amable pioneers a new sound called “deep reggaeton,” and “Juntos” embodies its subtle and spacious groove.

Yaeji feat. Victoria Sin and Shy One, “The Th1ng”

Spoken word house with a dash of ASMR tingles provides the polar opposite vibe of the John Carpenter movie.

Sun Araw, “Catalina”

A transdimension free jazz synth carousel that’s surprisingly inviting.

Banshee, "Living In A Dreem"

I’m just really into music that sounds like waking up on a beach with the vague memory of listening to Clams Casino instrumentals all night.

Lido Pimienta, “No Pude”

Strong Björk and Kala vibes here. Miss Columbia is full of dynamic sounds and an esoteric grace.

TAYHANA, "Club Paraíso"

This standout from the NAAFI X collection has a spaceship’s engine. Warp drive dancefloor dynamite.

default genders, “heart emoji xo (postblankvoid remix)”

Jamie Brooks recently shared a guest-heavy reimagining of last year’s excellent main pop girl 2019. The new “heart emoji xo” refracts pop’s future through a foggy lens of shoegaze and jungle.

Kelly Lee Owens, "Night"

Mesmeric techno deliverance from start to finish.

Exael, "Dex"

Basinski's mood, Arthur Russel tones, and percussion from tabla to jungle all collide on Exael’s solo cut from this split project with Arad Acid.

Isabella, Mind Tear

What better time to sit with some paranoid industrial techno that could be developing its own language?

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Klein, "understand our tracks"

The penultimate track on Klein’s surprise third album, “understand our tracks” is a haunted collage of chorals and electronics.

Hodge, "Ghost of Akina (Rainbow Edition)"

The mischievous synth lines and pummeling D&B drums bring the glory days of Rephlex flying back.

Black Dresses, "MiRRORGiRL"

Black Dresses are one of maybe a handful of bands that sound genuinely unstoppable. "MiRRORGIRL" serves up industrial-strength vulnerability, fucked up and unfuckwithable.

Lord of the Isles feat. Ellen Renton, “Inheritance”

“Maybe the sun is knackered too / Like each of us / Dreaming of being shelled from our backpacks and swallowed by the beach.”

The 20 best electronic songs right now