6 fundraisers to support this week

This week, consider giving to those in need.

September 04, 2020
6 fundraisers to support this week Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images  

Each week, The FADER rounds up a small selection of calls for donations from causes furthering the goals of equality and social justice, with a focus on areas that are overlooked in modern media coverage. If you have any comments or suggestions for the roundup, contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

Please help William out of ICE detainment!

Helping Hatian native William pay his bond to be released from ICE detainment.


“If I am unable to come up with the money, in this short time frame, they will transport me to another ICE detention center, where many consider the point of no return as this is the final stop before DEPORTATION.” — William

Sian's Gender Affirmation Surgery Fund

Raising money for trans rapper Miss Blanks to receive gender affirmation surgery.

“I’ve worked hard to save in the past but there’s always been something that has come up where I’ve had to relinquish funds to those around me (usually family and community) that have required it more, or have required my time, energy, resources, and tools to the point where there's nothing left for me. But this cycle can’t continue if I want to do something for me that is ultimately life saving.” — Sian Van Der Muelen

Help my mom help me

Paying for wisdom teeth surgery for Holly, who lost her job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My mother and i have been without a job since COVID started, neither of us were eligible for unemployment sadly. Unexpectedly i took a trip to the dentist and i have two infections and i have to get all of my wisdom teeth out. My mother and i really can not afford this but she’s paying for it anyways.” — Holly

Heather’s Survival Fund

Helping fat, Black, trans woman Heather find secure housing.


“I am currently homeless and I am seeking domicile far away from my abusive, transphobic, and fatphobic family. I’ve just been doing my best to barely get by and survive on a daily basis, but that has become nearly impossible since the pandemonium of COVID-19, and all of this has made life that much more dreadful for me. I need hormones, I need my surgeries...I need to feel and been seen as EXACTLY who I know myself to be.” — Heather

Family Support Fund for Hailey King

Raising funds for the family of Hailey King, who was involved in a fatal accident.

“Hailey will be remembered by her bright, big, blue eyes and infectious smile that lit up every room. She was heavily involved as a leader on her campus as well as in her sorority chapter. Hailey will be deeply missed by all whose lives she touched. “ — Fundraiser organisers

Help trans girl live safely and transition

Raising money for trans woman Debbie Rinard to find safe housing.

“I’ve lost most of my friends and my best friend made it clear to me not to come near him anymore. It’s been a lonely and a very painful journey so far and it has affected my mental health greatly but I’ve accepted my fate and I am ready to live the life.” — Debbie

6 fundraisers to support this week