6 fundraisers to support this week

Consider donating to those in need.

October 09, 2020
6 fundraisers to support this week Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

Each week, The FADER rounds up a small selection of calls for donations from causes furthering the goals of equality and social justice, with a focus on areas that are overlooked in modern media coverage. If you have any comments or suggestions for the roundup, contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

Need surgery to save me for the rest of my life

Raising money for Lisa to pay for life-changing surgery relating to complications with labor.


"This surgery can also help my heart and can also help with lungs and a number of the other things I have going on. I really pray that I can collect the amount that I need in order to get this surgery. I have a lot of living left to do still. I have a daughter that I want to raise. Please consider donating." — Lisa

Emergency Loan Repayment

Favour needs to fundraise for an emergency loan repayment due to an issue with their school financial aid.

"My school messed up my financial aid so I was forced to take out an emergency loan in order to be able to attend school this semester. Unfortunately, it’s time to pay back the loan and my financial aid still hasn’t been fixed. I have no income other than my financial aid so I have no way to pay back this loan. My school has given me until 10-12-2020 to pay back the loan or I will be dropped from all my classes and will have to take responsibility for the rest of my tuition." — Favour Okperuvwe

6 kids and wife who lost their dad unexpectedly

Fundraising for Neima and her children, who unexpectedly lost their father.

"He was a caring man who would do anything to help his family or anyonein the community. His laugh was contiguous
and would brighten up any room he was in. My dear husband spent his all his living years to provide for our kids and to make sure they would get any support they needed to succeed. Unfortunately, with him gone, our family’s future is up in the air." — Neima

Silver's Transition Fund

Fundraising to assist Silver with costs of transitioning.


"For a while, I've put off transitioning out of fear but I want to be able to be as comfortable in my body as possible for the amount of time that I do have. The funds will be used for the various costs of the surgeries involved in FFS and HR. This would greatly increase my overall safety and quality of living." — Silver

Emergency Housing Fund

Black non-binary woman Kiara is fundraising to pay for emergency housing and leave her current unsafe housing situation.

"Those that I live with have been more of a block in my growth in all aspects than being a helpful hand, which caused to It’s been a very oppressive experience for me and I figured it’s time to stop suffering in silence and to not be afraid of asking for external assistance. I’m not sure if this is even going to work in my favor but I’m hoping and praying that it does so that I can live in a safe space to call my own for the first time." — Kiara

Help me escape and find a place!

Astra needs to raise money to leave her current transphobic and abusive housing situation.

"If you could help by donating literally even the smallest amount would help me. My mental health feels like it’s on the brink living this way I’ve genuinely feel like harming myself to the point where I’m admitted because then at least I’d have proper shelter but I’m pretty sure this would lead to me going back to my family which I can’t have. Help me find accommodation and cover some bills until I can find a job." — Astra

6 fundraisers to support this week