A list of fundraisers you can support right now.

5 fundraisers to support this week

A chance to help those in need.

November 06, 2020
5 fundraisers to support this week Omar Marques/Getty Images

Each week, The FADER rounds up a small selection of calls for donations from causes furthering the goals of equality and social justice, with a focus on areas that are overlooked in modern media coverage. If you have any comments or suggestions for the roundup, contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

New Home For The Carter’s

Fundraising for an adequate home for the Carter family.


"After adopting 5 beautiful children on 10/30/2020 The Carter Family is now looking to buy a new forever home where the kids can grow into our next future leaders. With Mr. Carter having experience of being a foster child himself, he knows some of the struggles the children have already experienced especially being separated from each other for a period of six months." — Kyle Hall

Please help baby Mason get heart surgery!!

The family of Baby Mason needs funds to pay for his life-saving heart surgery.

"I’m a 19yrs old single mom, I got kicked out of the house by my parents when I told them I was pregnant, my ex boyfriend also denied being responsible for my pregnancy. When my my son was around 8/9 month I noticed his heart beats very fast and he has delayed development. I took him to the hospital to complain and it was detected after several tests that there's a murmur in his heart." — Fundraiser beneficiary

Help me leave my abusive partner

Helping Dia escape her abusive living situation and find safe housing.

"As most of you may already know I have seeked help before to escape an abusive household just to end up in an abusive relationship months later. I hate to ask for help especially during these times knowing that everyone is struggling but I have no other options and this is time sensitive. I currently share an apartment with my abuser and the apartment is in his name. I don’t feel safe staying in this apartment, let alone the same city as him." — Dia

Aisha's COVID Relief Fund

Fundraising for living costs for Aisha.

"I have been struggling to make ends meet and stay safe during the global crises, while also dealing with the recent death of an elder and recovering from PTSD. I won't be able to return to school this fall as planned due to recently announced changes to the school year, and moving in with family is not an option for me." — Aisha

Help me move out of abusive home

Helping Miryam find a home away from her abusive family.

"My income is not enough for me to afford an apartment on my own (I've searched for roommates in the area, but no luck). Yet even with my small income, my mother finds excuses to take money from me each month. This has really hindered my ability to move out on my own. I've put off asking for help for a long time, but I'm desperate." — Miryam

5 fundraisers to support this week