A list of fundraisers you can support right now.

6 fundraisers to support this week.

Six causes very worth your time.

November 20, 2020
6 fundraisers to support this week. WOJTEK RADWANSKI / AFP via Getty Images

Each week, The FADER rounds up a small selection of calls for donations from causes furthering the goals of equality and social justice, with a focus on areas that are overlooked in modern media coverage. If you have any comments or suggestions for the roundup, contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

Akashi & Kendall’s Gender Affirmation Surgery Fund

Trans women of colour Akashi and Kendall are fundraising for their life-saving gender affirmation surgeries.


"As Non-Australian trans women of colour living here, it’s been hard to find work. Employers have turned us down just for being trans. Some of us are regularly turning to sex work in order to survive. With no real support or assistance from the government, we only have ourselves to rely on." — Akashi and Kendall

Deyvi's Funeral

Fundraising for a funeral for Deyvi, aka Junior.

"Junior was incredibly mature for his age and knew he was destined for great things; one of them being a career path in welding. It was truly his passion and made many friends along the way. We are grateful that people have been able to share memories with us to remind us how cherish and loved he was!" — Fundraiser organisers

Juan's Fight

Fundraising to pay for medical costs associated with Juan's cancer resurgence.

"It seemed things started going downhill from here. The doctors became concerned with the output from his drains & catheter & scheduled an emergency appointment. He went in & they decided that they needed to add another two drains to help relieve the stress off his bladder. He went in on the 4th of November & had the procedure done." — Juan's family

Top Surgery for Kai

Fundraising for Kai to get top surgery.


"Kai means a lot to me and I want him to have the chance go get this surgery done. Please donate or spread the word if you can!" — Josie, fundraiser organiser

Qori’s Safety Fund

Fundraising for Qori to find safe housing away from their abusive living situation.

"This relationship has stripped so much of my motivation to even exist and has been full of gaslighting when it comes to my identity which you could only imagine does in fact fuck up your mental health. I’m asking for any help you all are willing to share/donate which will go towards finding dependable transportation, safe living space, food costs, etc. Anything is welcome! And thank you to everyone who will send me prayers and help in anyway they can!" — Qori

Shadow's Funeral expenses

Fundraising for Shadow's funeral.

"This morning around 3 am I lost the last person I was fighting for. Shadow my oldest brother was such a kind soul and did all he could in his power to help who he could. I know for a fact Shadow went down fighting. I'm raising money for funeral costs and expenses down the line. Thank you, anything helps." — Lania

6 fundraisers to support this week.