Girlpool announce new album, share “Lie Love Lullaby”

Forgiveness is out in April.

January 19, 2022
Girlpool announce new album, share “Lie Love Lullaby” Amalia Irons

Girlpool have confirmed details of their new album Forgiveness. The album, Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad's fourth together, is due on April 29 via Anti-. A video for new song "Lie Love Lullaby" is streaming below.


“A lot of my songs on this record are about relationship dynamics where I experienced frustration and pain, and struggling to hold a lot of complexity in my emotions” Tucker said in a statement. “Writing Forgiveness helped me fit all those pieces into an acceptance: that my fate pushes me exactly where I need to go.” Tividad added: “A lot of life feels like unavoidable experiences to me. To me, Forgiveness is about accepting that concept. It’s about forgiving reality for having to be exactly what it is all the time.”

Girlpool's debut Before The World Was Big was released in 2015. Since then the duo have put out 2017's Powerplant and What Chaos Is Imaginary, released two years later.


Forgiveness tracklist:

"Nothing Gives Me Pleasure"
"Lie Love Lullaby"
"Dragging My Life Into a Dream"
"Light Up Later"
"Country Star"
"Butterfly Bulletholes"
"See Me Now"

Girlpool announce new album, share “Lie Love Lullaby”