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Raveena announces new album, releases “Secret” featuring Vince Staples

Her sophomore LP Asha’s Awakening arrives February 11

January 28, 2022
Raveena announces new album, releases “Secret” featuring Vince Staples Raveena.   Furmaan Ahmed / Warner Records

Raveena has detailed her forthcoming sophomore LP. Asha's Awakening will arrive on February 11 via Warner Records. The New York R&B singer has also shared the album's second single, "Secret," featuring Vince Staples, along with a self-directed music video. Read a statement from Raveena about "Secret" and check out the video below.


“To me, 'Secret' is a song about love that traverses through different dimensions. People on Earth are starting to have sensual dreams ignited in them by a space princess - someone they feel like their body knows, but whom they also do not know and cannot reach in this dimension. What if your lover was enticing you from space and you couldn’t reach them in this realm? What if a spirit from an outer dimension ignited your sacral chakra? This is what 'Secret' explores.”


Asha's Awakening is a concept album that tells the story of a space princess from ancient Punjab who learns about love, loss, and healing in a journey that spans centuries. The album will feature contributions from Rostam, Staples, and Indian singer/songwriter Asha Puthli. The previously released single "Rush" will also be included on the album.

In 2021, Raveena released the lovestruck single "Tweety." The Indian-American artist's last project was 2020's Moonstone EP. Raveena's last full-length release her 2019 debut album Lucid.


Asha's Awakening

1. Rush
2. Secret (feat. Vince Staples)
3. Magic
4. Kismet
5. Kathy Left 4 Kathmandu
6. Mystery
7. Circuit Board
8. The Internet Is Like Eating Plastic
9. Arrival to the Garden of Cosmic Speculation
10. Asha's Kiss (feat. Asha Puthli)
11. Time Flies
12. Love Overgrown
13. Endless Summer
14. New Drugs (feat. TWEAKS)
15. Let Your Breath Become a Flower (Guided Meditation)

Raveena announces new album, releases “Secret” featuring Vince Staples
Raveena announces new album, releases “Secret” featuring Vince Staples