The 20 best rock songs right now

This month’s list includes new music from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, End It, Dry Cleaning, Alex G, and more.

July 11, 2022
The 20 best rock songs right now (L-R) Dry Cleaning, Pinkshift, End It   Ben Rayner/ YouTube/Leigh Ann Rodgers

Every month The FADER brings you the best rock songs in the world (in no particular order).

Cryogeyser, “Obvious”

Through The Soil II is a great compilation raising funds for the National Network of Abortion Funds with the help of new music from Julien Baker, MJ Lendermann, and Faye Webster among many others (seriously, this thing is stacked). It’s also a great spotlight for lesser-known artists such as LA’s Cryogeser, whose shoegaze-y pop hit “Obvious” stands out among the crowd.

End It, “New Wage Slavery”

“They try to break us, but we will survive.” Beyoncé’s anthem for an uprising is good but there’s a little more bite to Baltimore hardcore band End It’s delivery of the same ideas.

Dry Cleaning, “Don’t Press Me”

London’s finest purveyors of sprechensegang post-punk return with the first taste of new album Stumpwork (due October 21 via 4AD) and present two great merch ideas: Dry Cleaning candles and Dry Cleaning gaming mouses.

Enumclaw, “Jimmy Neutron”

Enumclaw's new single "Jimmy Neutron" features on their forthcoming debut album Save the Baby. This latest hit provides further evidence of the band’s ability to marry scuzzy, slacker guitars and big hooks with lead singer Aramis Johnson’s probing and revelatory lyrics.

Meat Wave, “Ridiculous Car”

A vaguely ridiculous song from the Chicago band that acknowledges a universal truth; driving too fast is a lot of fun.

Pinkshift, “nothing (in my head)”

Punk bands have taken a stand against subjugation and Pinkshift continue the legacy by kicking back against their modern oppressor; smartphones and social media. “nothing (in my head)” is a heavy AF ode to turning off your devices and embracing the smooth brain lifestyle.

The Beths, “Silence Is Golden”

The over-stimulated and agitated "Silence Is Golden" sounds like it was written directly before Pinkshift’s latest. The track features on The Beths' forthcoming album Expert In A Dying Field, out September 16 via Carpark Records and Ivy League.

Spaced, “Prove You Wrong”

Buffalo band Spaced absolutely tear their way through “Prove You Wrong,” a hardcore ripper fuelled by vengance and the kind of grudge that gives you energy.

Alex G, “Runner”

Any year with a new Alex G album is a good one and this is shaping up to be the singer-songwriter’s most confident project yet. “Runner” will feature on the forthcoming album God Save The Animals, out September 23 via Domino.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Spitting Off The Edge of the World” featuring Perfume Genius

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back and Karen O is still the master of an evocative song title. Perfume Genius joins the party for a comeback single that dials down the YYYs punk spirit and ramps up the atmospheric bombast. The change suits them.

Big Joanie, “Happier Still”

The idea that you keep going because, essentially, you have to might sound trite but Big Joanie take the sentiment and bring it to life with the help of buzzsaw guitars and a great vocal delivery.

Amygdala, “Darvo”

This San Antonio, Texas punk band just put out a two-song release titled Besitos Para Todos Mis Haters, which translates as “kisses for all my haters.” Hell yeah! Both tracks are essential but “Darvo” speaks to a moment in which it’s all too easy for abusers to use the law in their favor. Amygdala express their distaste with a righteous anger.

Ekkstacy, “I Gave You Everything”

Ekkstacy’s moody goth rock is clearly indebted to godfathers The Cure and The Smiths, bringing melodrama and gloom to the party. You don’t write an opening line like, “Sitting on Mulholland drive, Waiting for my tears to dry” if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Turnover, “Wait Too Long”

Turnover make perfect summer music. Sometimes you just want to embrace the heat and vibe to something assured and cooling, that’s “Wait Too Long.”

Doll Spirit Vessel, “Train Brain Rot”

Kati Malison has a great voice, the kind that make her band Doll Spirit Vessel stand out from the crowd. Listen to her wail on “Train Brain Rot,” which will feature on From What Stays, out August 12.

Friendship, “Hank”

Hiring Joe Pera to direct your video, as Friendship did with their excellent “Hank,” tells you all you need to know about the band: kindly and earnest music you’re going to fall in love with.

High Vis, “Fever Dream”

Plenty is made of London band High Vis mixing hardcore, a style they dealt in previously, with Creation Records-era indie. “Fever Dream,” however, puts all of its chips on the latter with jangly guitars and frontman Graham Sayle’s sugar sweet vocals taking things back to 1996. Is this the start of a Britpop revival?

Rat Tally, “Spinning Wheel”

Fans of Lucy Dacus and Soccer Mommy are sure to find something to love in Addy Harris’s intimate indie rock confessionals.

Whitney, “REAL LOVE”

Whitney have had a synth-pop makeover and the new look really works for them. Excitement for new album SPARK (due September 16) was already in place. Now there is intrigue, too.

Speedway, “Balance”

Swedish band Speedway tear their way through Paradise, a three-song project released last month. “Balance” mixes bouncy riffs with vocalist Anton Larsson voicing his frustration while matching his energetic band mates at every turn.

The 20 best rock songs right now