I Am A Bird Now Is A Bird Now

February 10, 2005

Seeing Antony bring the shock 'n' awe down on the buddhists at Carnegie Hall last night reminded us that I Am A Bird Now is fully flying off the shelves of your local record store as you read this, and with damn good reason too.

Ant, with beautiful accompaniment, was wedged between a composition by Philip Glass for Dracula and Lou Reed doing "Perfect Day" in a shiny, West-Villy style leather git-up.

Hardcore fans of Philip and Lou are probably aware of Ant by now, but the presence of Trey Anastasio meant that the Phish heads found their way to Carnegie too, and it's not likely that Ant's exactly on their radar. That said, musical open-mindedness is like the foundation of the noodle dance, so who knows? Maybe there will be some bootleggers on the I Am A Bird Now tour.

Want a phatty veggie grilly with that utterly genderqueer musical sensation?

Posted: February 10, 2005
I Am A Bird Now Is A Bird Now