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SK For What Ails Ya

February 24, 2005

After one of us woke up to Call The Doctor playing at a "friend's" crib this past Sunday morning, we had to dig the new Sleater Kinney out of that gargantuan "CDs to listen to" pile and give it a whirl. Shit is brutal. Think fuzzboxes and "wow, are our speakers broken?" production coupled with their signature percussive attack. And you thought they soft-ed out!

Best of all, after a few chugga chugs riffy numbers, SK slow it down and get into some mind melt feedback for like a million minutes. That's our shit. The Woods is tight, but what's really good with fem-centric mixtapes these days? Someone needs to put some bangers from this on their next one. Calvin, holler...

SK For What Ails Ya