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Audio: Rye Rye, "Gangsta Girl"

When did Rye Rye get all grown up? We feel like we've been riding for her since the day she was born, starting with "Shake It To The Ground" up to right this minute while you're reading this word, but her raps on this new track, sent to us by her producer Zakee, are crazy. Did MIA teach her to do this? If so that's even crazier than the raps being crazy because MIA doesn't rap like this. That's like Norman Rockwell teaching Pollock to paint. It's just two totally different awesome things. Check them both on tour this month to compare and contrast, and eat Pumpkin Pie Fry Chicken with Rye Rye and Zakee and a bunch of other folks this Sunday at Dante Fried Chicken (best chicken in the world) at Galapagos.

Audio: Rye Rye, "Gangsta Girl"